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Katell performs "I want you" on the following album.

Hi all,

Wow. It feels like forever but information has been scarce (more than usual).

Katell will be appearing on B for Bang - Across The Universe of Languages(KML1115) and a special edition DVD (KML1116) will soon follow (I don't know if Katell is on the DVD. I just emailed KML to find out). The CD should be out on October 4th 2007. Sadly, Katell only appears on track 6:

Track 6.
I Want You (4:02)
Arranged by Nicola Tescari
Vocals Katell Keineg

For more info and to listen to Katell's track - please visit the following website:

B for Bang - Across The Universe of Languages
KML 1115
B for Bang is :

Katia Labèque : piano, Fender Rhodes, David Chalmin : guitars, vocals, Nicola Tescari : Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3, electronics, piano, Giovanni Sollima : cello, Massimo Pupillo : bass, Marque Gilmore : drums


Voices Patti Smith, Daniel Day-Lewis
Singers Katell Keineg, Meg, Nadeah
Violin Viktoria Mullova

All woodwinds played by Mario Arcari

Produced by Katia Labèque, David Chalmin & Nicola Tescari
Sound design & additional electronics by Fabio Recchia aka Reeks

Info taken from:

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