TheChallenger (thechallenger) wrote in katell_keineg,

"Lonesome Voice (for Katell Keineg)"

I got this message a while back from a fan of Katell's and I've been meaning to post it on the Community for a while now (I apologize for the delay):

I've an album coming out in a few months, called Nine Songs. I'm called The Maquisards. First track is "Lonesome Voice (for Katell Keineg)" which - the bit in brackets is a give-away - is about and dedicated to Katell. Would you care to mention this on the non official site?

An unfinished version is on my Myspace site, and I hope to have the ablum out by about May. Really hope Katell can get to hear it someday; have not met her in years. Thanks for keeping us posted about Katell all these years...
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