"Lonesome Voice (for Katell Keineg)"

I got this message a while back from a fan of Katell's and I've been meaning to post it on the Community for a while now (I apologize for the delay):

I've an album coming out in a few months, called Nine Songs. I'm called The Maquisards. First track is "Lonesome Voice (for Katell Keineg)" which - the bit in brackets is a give-away - is about and dedicated to Katell. Would you care to mention this on the non official site?

An unfinished version is on my Myspace site, and I hope to have the ablum out by about May. Really hope Katell can get to hear it someday; have not met her in years. Thanks for keeping us posted about Katell all these years...


Katell on BBC6 Music Sunday 25th, available to listen online until Sunday 2nd May

Dear all

A repeat-ish post about the BBC appearance - Katell was on a week later than originally planned so the programme is available internationally until 9am GMT Sunday 2nd May if anyone wants to listen.

You can listen on iPlayer for up to a week after broadcast. Best place to go for links to the online player is Cerys's programme webpage:


Enjoy (again) :D


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Hi all,

I'm kindly requesting that Live Gig recordings not be posted on the Community.

If Katell performs at a radio station or television channel and that performance is put up online by the respective radio station or television channel - then that's fine to post on the Community.

However, if Katell performs at a Venue and you record the gig - that is not okay to post on the Community.

Honest Jon's is releasing Katell's new album outside North and South America, however, the US release will most likely be available via CDBaby and itunes.


Katell will be releasing AT THE MERMAID PARADE

Many Thanks to an Anonymous poster for letting me know about the New release and for providing a Link.

Katell will be releasing AT THE MERMAID PARADE on March 29th 2010 through the Honest Jon's Records label.

1. at the mermaid parade (2:36)
2. st. martin (2:32)
3. old friend (1:30)
4. summer loving song (5:49)
5. i fell in love with the world (2:14)
6. the arsehole song (2:55)
7. thirteen (2:41)
8. olden days (3:37)
9. dear ashley (3:12)
10. world of sex (3:32)
11. dig a pit (1:46)
12. calenture (4:27)

You can preview the songs online at the following website:

Maybe I'm over-thinking the album cover but doesn't it seem like a variation on the album cover for JET, in that, Katell has the sky in the background but it's now rather obscured by civilization, her hair is obscuring her face and its windy…just like JET and even the font seems similar. On JET, Katell is sporting a sleeveless dress but here she's wearing a sweater. On JET, Katell seems to be looking down at you in a familiar - I've seen you before -kind of way, even though the back of the CD, given the angle, shows her headed down in some direction but on the cover for AT THE MERMAID PARADE, it seems like she's almost comfortable or headed upwards (staircase in the background) and although you can't really see much of her face, she has a more "follow me" kind of stance - almost seems like your hanging out with her. Again, maybe I'm over-thinking this.

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Hello! I'm a great fan of Katell and I have bought her albums but I'd really love to hear / see the files that were previously posted here, especially because she's so great live... could someone please do it? I'd really be grateful...THANKS!