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Katell will be part of “Shared”.

The Wonder Stuff’s Miles Hunt presents “Shared”, an evening of acoustic performances by some of the UK’s finest artists. The first “Shared” event will be held at Birmingham's Town Hall on January 30th. Tickets are priced at £19.50 each (plus booking fees and other charges where appropriate). Tickets are available from August 25th via the Birmingham Town Hall's own website at A number of special offers and deals on local accommodation are also available from the Town Hall website. Other ticket outlets will also have these tickets available.

Katell is one of the acts listed on the website:

Also taken from the webiste above:
Keineg releases a 4-song E.P. this autumn that includes the re-recorded “On Yer Way” and a Welsh language cover of the Super Furry Animals song “Y Gwyneb Iau”. She is currently recording her fourth album.

Also...the website also has a NEW promo photo of Katell. Which is the same photo they have up on the site - just a lot bigger:

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